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5 Essential Tips on How to Find the Best UX Studio or Freelancer Portfolio

UX product design is vital more than ever to the success of your business. Refining UX and UI is a must for all digital products or services in any organization that wants to survive and thrive. That’s why businesses must understand that UX is a crucial part of successful product development.  And, it’s branding, customer retention, engagement and conversion rates are also affected by it. 

Now, the question is how do you know which UI/UX design studio or freelancer to choose? In this article, we’ll provide you with essential tips that will help you with your search.

Check out the agency’s past projects. How many platforms is the designer familiar with, and what type (B2B or B2C)?  Look for real cases with real business value. Evaluate a project, find out what the problem was, what research measures were taken, and how the solution was implemented. 

Tip –  Look for consistency, quality of work, and the number of previous projects. Don’t let big clients impress you,  look for a real case study that shows:

  • Real User Experience Flow
  • Retention Rates 
  • Engagement &  Conversions



Determine the specs of your project and design needs – Is the task light and can be handled by one designer, or do you need a team to make more design iterations and design reviews? Before making your selection, it is recommended to asses hard skills – What skills are necessary for an outstanding project? Note that the actual part of UX design work is in fact, user research, testing, auditing, user flow design, mapping, etc. and not only the final visual layout. 

Tip – Practice makes perfect! Every product designer or agency should have sufficient experience in:

  • User Centered Processes – Research, testing & flow
  • Usability Tests –  Studies & benchmarks
  • User Journey Maps – Sitemap, information & architectural experience maps
  • UI Wireframe Tools – Interaction prototype design
  • UX Site Auditing – Reports



UX is becoming an industry buzzword! Everybody is talking about UX – even development houses and traditional advertising agencies want a slice of the cake. Sadly, many companies don’t even know what UX and product design are when searching for UX product development and designers hire. 

Tip: It’s important to clearly identify needs, strategies, and goals for your project. Figure out who you want to get your UX services from: 

  • Development house – Naturally , the focus is on the code.  The process is fast and delivers  basic outcome for UX design. If you need to code your product outside your organization. And, have a simple  SaaS platform. perhaps this is the right choice for you. 
  • Freelancer –   Engaging with a freelance product designers costs less. If your budget is low, and one designer can handle the project.. A freelancer is the ideal choice for you. 
  • UX Agency –  With an agency, you cooperate with a strong team of experts who will iterate on your product. Also, you get consulting, support and design reviews.  If you have complex systems , a need for iteration or user testing, Working with an agency is the best fit for you.  

“Iterations are similar to sculpting with clay, you can make it sharper and sharper, you can always make it a little better”

  • Advertising agency –  At a time when everyone is offering UX services, beware of of buzzwords. We consider it  an adventure!s, working on product design with an ad agency. But, If are into commercial design and marketing, this option is right for you.



Implementing a product design process usually takes 3 months or more. Your designer should be available to provide you with guidance and the best recommendations to address your needs. 

Tip – Search for the right team or person to dive into the design journey with you. Look for: 

  • Time
  • Energy 
  • Response 



You should probably like the persona of the designer you are going to work with as they will spend a lot of time working with your team, users, and other business partners. Therefore, exquisite interpersonal skills are a must. UX designers generate and explain ideas and solutions so he or she must be able to receive constructive feedback and have a problem solving attitude.  With a lack of excellent communication skills – tasks can be very painful.

Tip What personal characteristics does the designer have? Consider soft skills such as: 

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Culture 

Now, Let’s discuss the selection process a little more thoroughly. We’ve developed a detailed guide to help you make your choice easier and more accurate.  

Freelance UX Designers VS Agencies

Finding the right product designer for your project is often a lengthy and aggravating procedure. If you want to prevent inefficient work and wasting useful resources, you should find a company or a freelancer that’s experienced in product design processes tailored to fit your specific needs. These are two ways to outsource product development projects and get UX services. 

Let’s review each of these choices briefly: 

Hiring a UX Freelancer

When you hire a self-employed UX designer – there are plenty of options. “It is projected that in 2027, 86.5 million freelancers in the United States will make up 50.9% of the total workforce”. Engaging with freelance product designers is ideal if you are looking for flexibility, availability, lower costs, and specialized skills. On the other hand, you can encounter a delay in communication due to remote access, lack of reliability, unresponsiveness, and ultimately receive inadequate results. 

Hiring an Agency

When you hire an agency, you get access to a team of experts in a structured organization. As a result, you benefit from a variety of skills, knowledge, and greater resources. Design agencies usually handle more complicated projects than freelancers and complete projects in a shorter amount of time. If you are ready to invest more of your budget into your company’s success and want better quality work, professionalism, timeliness, and reliability, you should probably hire a UX agency.

Choosing between the two options is not a simple task. Will it be more beneficial to recruit a freelancer or to collaborate with an agency?

The Selection Process

The process of selecting between the two is complex because there are more than one million UX designers available on professional networking platforms, who are either working as freelancers or operating from UX agencies. While there’s no shortage of talented UX product designers, and salary expectations are growing – finding a match made in heaven is a real challenge, especially in today’s competitive market. 

The Product Design Process

The process of product design can also be very complex, and it’s critical to find experienced personnel. This way you will avoid a scenario where the product looks fresh and stylish but does not function as it should. A UX agency can solve more problems, save costs, and your valuable time.


Need Help With Your Next Design Project?

If you decide to work with an agency You have a match with the top UX design studio that’s right for you. One that can also help you with branding, marketing growth, and generating income. 

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Eyal Talmon
Eyal Talmon Talmon

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