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Re-branding and designing Aviva Ecommerce website

Company: Aviva

the challenge

These days more and more eCommerce websites looks the same cause of the developers decision to relay on Woo Commerce or Magento Templates and grid, very boring from our perspective. We decided to break the rules, and to do whatever comes in our mind, in the end of the process when the design and client side were ready, we just connected the electricity to the eCommerce platform. WooCommerce was the platform we chose to work with, the design and client side code was purely made by muze.


  • UX UI for eCommerce
  • Branding identity and concept
  • Web design
  • Development
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the Solution

We decided to frame the website with white borders, with that we had more control on the view of the user, each frame become like a print poster, also we had more real estate for unique navigation. When you understand what Woocommerce is providing, its easier to break the rules like a pro. We crafted a story telling page named Inspiration, there we collected short text and visuals that speaks the artist brand, all this to create an emotion, emotion is good, you feel alive :)