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Muze is your top team of designers

Our experts will save you time and reduce costs. The best part is, you won't need to train an in-house design team.

We are working with top industry leaders

We are working with the cream of the crop, such as Adidas' B2C platform, Mobileye's autonomous vehicle app, and many other startups that work under strict nondisclosure agreement. We'll seamlessly integrate into your internal team, and we promise it will be an enjoyable experience!

It’s a fact that It’s harder to recruit good product designers

Good product designers require a combination of technical, creative, and problem-solving skills, which can be hard to find in a single candidate. The founders of Muze have over 15 years of experience as product designers. They teach their design methodology, solve potential problems, and select the best way to ship pixel-perfect products.

Collaborating is cost-effective solution

Many founders already understand that it takes time and effort to recruit, train, and get a team to work in synergy. Collaborating with a dedicated design team is the fast and cut-cost solution for the first years of the company. With our support, you will surge ahead of your competitors and leave them in the dust!

Muze was founded by two digital designers, Their design methodology achieves exceptional results, find out more in their manifest.


Success stories

  • SAP acquire omnichannel customer engagement leader emarsys, the Emarsys products will be added to the SAP customer experience portfolio.

  • Synopsys Acquires AI-Powered, Real-Time Performance Optimization Leader Concertio! 

  • Chinese Kuang-Chi conglomerate invest $20 Million ! in EyeSight technologies, a leader in embedded computer vision.

  • NIKE, INC. has acquired Invertex Ltd, a leading computer vision firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, as it continues to strengthen its digital technology platforms.

  • Gimmonix developed Mapping.Works - Hotels, which began establishing itself as a leader in the industry as it became the exclusive mapping provider for major industry players, including Expedia (EAN) and GTA.

  • HotelRatePRO "Save Money When You Travel" - Is Now Part Of Service Technologies