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Product UX design for no-code platform that securely transforms medical devices into connected care solutions within a day

Company: bioT

What we did:

  • SaaS product design, from 0 to MVP
  • UX Strategy
  • Platform Architecture
  • Define personas and flows
  • UI Design

About BioT

BioT is a medical IoT cloud platform that is transforming the medical device space by making vital health information accessible to patients and caregivers from anywhere.

With BioT, medical devices become part of a streamlined, integrated process linking patients, healthcare providers, device manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacists, and health clinics.

BioT handles medical device connectivity, patient engagement and data behavior analysis. It also enables remote patient monitoring and analysis, digital patient engagement, billing, operational management and secure device connectivity, all on a single platform.

BioT’s Challenges

BioT’s innovative platform consists of numerous endpoints that must be tackled and simplified for all entities who interact with its platform.

Allowing users to discover insights and lots of details puts patients and providers at risk losing their orientation, making them feel inhibited and insecure. What’s more, the highest level of security and discretion are needed due to the medical nature of BioT’s platform.

A UX/ UI solution for BioT must minimize friction as much as possible, without added noise or frustration along the user’s journey. Users must feel comfortable navigating the platform’s many options with the safety of knowing they can always safely return to where they started from or take a step backwards. Medical device manufacturers want their products to appeal to patients, healthcare providers, and sellers based on their smart capabilities and ease of use.

Planning the Platform’s Hierarchy

At Muze, we began by identifying BioT’s platform hierarchy to gain insight into user flow at each endpoint.

BioT’s platform serves several entities. Muze’s UX/UI solution handles the needs of each of these entities:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare funds (HMOs)
  • Healthcare providers


If users want to go beyond the initial setup and delve into the technical side of BioT, they can easily create a template for caregivers, devices, manufacturers, and end users. Each field can be customized, allowing for a tailored experience. Muze’s integrations allow BioT to provide real-time monitoring for its remote care experience.


At Muze, we continually consider a product’s endpoint to ensure that it is marketable. We simplified BioT’s sales process with a mobile demo mode. Sales reps can demonstrate the basic setup procedure for most devices, including showing data tables being populated.

By focusing on the navigation journey, and solving it’s complexity, Muze enables BioT to serve its full range of medical device entities.

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