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Product UX Design for a digital Twin technology that aims to improve traffic flow in cities

Company: Axilion

What we did:

  • SaaS Product Design
  • UX Strategy
  • UX UI Design

Revolutionizing Roadways

Axilion is a publicly-traded company (TLV: AILN) that seeks to improve the lives of city-dwellers worldwide through AI innovations. Axilion’s Mobility Digital Twin aims to provide unmatched real-time insights regarding road corridors that will inform traffic engineers and operator decisions to alleviate congestion, improve safety, and minimize carbon emissions.

Axilion’s groundbreaking Digital Twin technology aims to improve traffic flow in cities through critical adjustments to traffic light timing. These adjustments can utilize mobility data to prevent gridlock and lower pollution. Axilion’s algorithm will show traffic controllers the impact of traffic light tweaks in real-time, which can have a ripple effect on traffic flow, improving quality of life throughout the city.

Through our strategy conception with Axilion, we gained a deep understanding of the company and product, focusing on the unique benefits of their technology that they sought to highlight at the conference. We researched the market, identified existing solutions, and designed the ultimate product to meet their top requirements. Primarily, we sought to address the needs of the municipal engineers who will be their end-users and to interest other conference participants in their innovative technology.

Standing Out at the Smart City Expo

Axilion had already worked with Muze for several months when they faced a pivotal, exciting challenge. Axilion was asked to present the open architecture of its Digital Twin product at the 2021 Smart City Expo, held in Barcelona. This conference is considered the premier event for smart transportation worldwide, making this a defining opportunity for Axilion.

The Smart City Expo was Axilion’s chance to gain vital international recognition for the potential impact of its Digital Twin. Axilion sought a highly intelligent, dynamic simulation that would showcase the company’s ability to optimize traffic routes in major city corridors. Axilion has been hard at work on the technology and the algorithm but needed a solution that would express their vision coherently and palpably. Complex numbers and intricate explanations would not have adequately conveyed all that the Digital Twin can offer to cities worldwide. At Muze, we stepped up to the challenge, designing a dynamic, optimized visualization that could fully render the capabilities of Axilion’s Digital Twin in real-time.

Earning Trust

Municipal engineers and operators are an integral part of traffic planning. As the Digital Twin product's main target users, their needs need to be supported and their role considered throughout the process. Municipal engineers and operators should understand the Digital Twin’s impact and find the tool intuitive and effective.

Muze’s deep analysis resulted in a new Mode of Operation feature named “What if?” reflecting the very question city traffic engineers ask themselves when deciding on a traffic plan to implement. The Digital Twin must empower traffic operators and engineers with a rich tool to inform their decisions and show them the big picture. The Digital Twin will allow traffic professionals to preview the impact of their choices before they carry them out, saving time and money, limiting frustration, and increasing road safety.

Muze’s UX solution for the Digital Twin product makes it accessible and enables it to be seamlessly integrated by municipal engineers and operators who may use it in the near future. It allows the professionals who will utilize it to maintain complete control of traffic while refining their ability to direct it.

Vision Accomplished!

Muze’s interface demo enabled Axilion’s Digital Twin to shine at the Smart City Expo. Through Muze’s design, Axilion attracted attention to its revolutionary product in a compelling, relatable way. Axilion earned its place at the forefront of the Smart City Expo in a vector that has traditionally been wary of automation tools. Axilion was able to gain trust and effectively convey the possible benefits of its solution. At Muze, we are immensely proud of the success Axilion achieved at the Smart City Expo and feel honored to have taken part in it.

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