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Business intelligence platform that provides in-depth pricing, insights and hotel inventory analytics

Company: Gimmonix

What We Did: 360 design on all touchpoints

  • Brand Strategy
  • Information architecture planning
  • UX concept planning
  • UX Design
  • UI design
  • Working side by side with the Product team


Gimmonix is a technology company serving the travel space. The company has been in business for over ten years and has a mature solution that normalizes data in an aggregation model.

Essentially, when consumers order hotel rooms through a third-party site, the third-party site uses Gimmonix technology to connect with hotel room wholesalers. They present consumers with rooms that match their search parameters, while the Gimmonix technology ensures that there aren’t duplicate rooms from multiple wholesalers appearing in the search (hotel mapping).

The Task: Design a data analytics tool that provide insight into three different data challenges.

Gimmonix developed BI.WORKS, a new business intelligence tool designed to serve its customers. While numerous BI solutions are available, BI.WORKS is the first BI tool to specialize in this area of the travel market.

BI.WORKS was designed to provide insight into three different data challenge:

On a technical level, BI.WORKS provides travel aggregators with data relating to things like search volumes and the amount being spent on hardware. This data may be used to help travel companies create more efficient operation centers.

BI.WORKS also provides insight into day-to-day business operations. For example, reports help show travel service providers where their business volume is coming from. That data can then be used to help them open new markets, find aggregators in underserved markets, or adjust prices based on volume.

The third area BI.WORKS tackles is pricing competitiveness. This data provides travel service providers with insight into how prices compare with those of other service providers, with actionable insights designed to make them more competitive.

Our Solution

We have had a long history with Gimmonix, going back at least five years. The Muze team worked on the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) for Gimmonix’s first SaaS solution, and over the past few years we have handled the UI/UX for several of their other platforms: Travelutionary, Mapping.Works,, and BI.Work.

Using our deep knowledge of the Gimmonix Solution, we planned and designed the BI.WORKS platform to be fully integrated with their product strategy while planning the ideal experience for the end-users. We developed an intuitive data navigation structure that breaks down the user experience into manageable, simple, navigable steps.


The platform was launched as an add-on product for Gimmonix’s existing customers.

Prior to the rollout, the Gimmonix team was inundated with questions relating to the need to extract relevant business insights. With BI.WORKS, Gimmonix clients are able to explore the data themselves and get a clear understanding of what is going on in their business.

BI.WORKS is enabling Gimmonix’s customers to get smarter about their own internal systems, helping create efficiencies and improving overall their business performance.

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Throughout the process, Muze designed a user experience that is aligned with our products’ system and feels natural for our current users, providing them with the information they need at key decision points.

Omri Matsliah

Director of Project Management, Gimmonix

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