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We were honored to design the new website for the famous BOLD films productions

Bold Films

the challenge

Bold Films is an American independent film production. Bold was founded in 2004 with the mission of producing talent-driven, studio-quality films, which have worldwide commercial appeal. It was a pleasure to examine Bold current brand, their culture, the tone of voice and values which helped us to develop a new digital look, that finally embedded on their digital domain.


  • Brand identity
  • UX UI
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS
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Bold Films

the concept

We examined each film as a piece of art, unique and differernt, the visual of the film poster itself is something that users would find useful to navigate with, so we played a bit with different grids. In the film page we chose to higlight the film credits above the fold, just below the film poster while after scrolling the user gets more information as pictures and clips. We broght the values of the movie posters designs into the digital domain on web and mobile.

Bold Films
Bold Films
Bold Films

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