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Branding, logo and website design

Company: Gencell

the challenge

Gencell Energy was founded in 2011 as a breakthrough company in the field of backup solutions based on hydrogen and fuel cells. The company wanted to consolidate its brand strategy and also to accordingly change its logo and website.The only graphic element that we were provided with was the design of the product itself: the generator.


  • branding identity
  • logo
  • business card
  • print materials
  • branding book
  • UX
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS

the concept

Following an initial meeting with the company, one interesting word was brought up: “Land Rover”. When you break a Land Rover down, you get an off-road vehicle that is massive and powerful yet meticulously decorated and delicate, endowed with rounded and honed corners. So we thought it appropriate to use these values as an inspiration and basis for the branding. To produce the appropriate balance between serenity and tension, we decided to combine diagonals and rounded corners. The company logo was written using a firm, bold font with a gentle inclination to the right symbolizing movement and dynamism. On the home page of the site, we introduced the four critical points on which the company focuses and which summarize the positive attitude of the company’s strategy: the world keeps moving, information flows, businesses as usual, and Gencell keeps us safe and alive.