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Welcome to the future of high-performance 3D sensors

Company: Lidwave


  • UX Design
  • Web Design

Lidwave was born from a passion to disrupt the 3D-sensing industry. The company’s core mission is to make LiDAR technology market-ready with their unique 3D-sensor, providing a revolutionary solution for countless industries. Lidwave’s groundbreaking approach lowers LiDAR costs, boosts solution scalability, and enhances technical performance, providing entire sectors with the technology they need to advance.

During our collaboration with Lidwave's founders, we studied their product, objectives, and company characteristics to create their digital storytelling.

Lidwave’s online presence became a powerful tool for visibility, contact and sales – all while allowing for future growth and expansion. In the end the website is a dynamic representation of Lidwave’s innovative product.

We’re extremely proud of our success in designing Lidwave's website. With our help, they are now expanding into an important global player in the industry.