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Connecting people through immersive experiences

Company: Treedis

What we did:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design
  • Logo design
  • Brand Book

Treedis is a SaaS platform that transforms physical spaces into immersive virtual experiences. Their innovative product allows businesses and organizations to create virtual stores, museums, galleries, events, hybrid experiences, and much more. Treedis is quickly becoming an industry leader, collaborating with organizations in the fields of entertainment, education, retail, hospitality, and beyond. With their cutting-edge technology, they are transforming how businesses interact with customers in the metaverse.

Brand design for an innovative company like this requires a creative approach that captures the true essence of the product and its purpose. After conducting market research to understand the current competition, key trends, and customer needs, we embarked on a collaborative strategy process with Treedis’s team. With their input, we then developed a unique brand identity that reflects the company's core values and mission. Our completed branding package included a logo and color palette, tagline, and a complete visual identity.

Our design team also created a visual style guide to ensure that the brand colors remained consistent throughout the product. This included guidelines for how to use colors for different elements, like text, graphics, and illustrations. The brand colors were applied to all aspects of the product – from logos and icons to illustrations and website design. The end result was a vibrant, inviting experience that was both visually engaging and futuristic, yet competent and cohesive. Overall, our successful brand design process enabled Treedis to establish a strong presence in their market, further solidifying their position as a leader in the field of interactive virtual experiences.