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Shaping a new brand and establishing its position in a conservative, risk-averse market

Company: xfloat


  • Brand stratgey
  • Brand design
  • Logo design
  • Information architecture
  • Website design
  • Brand Book


Xfloat is a renewable energy startup. While combining high end product engineering with complex AI system development, they are able to innovate in the floating solar energy industry.

As a new company with an innovative solution in an existing market they required an equally compelling brand strategy and visual language.

Our creative team's challenge was to create a powerful brand that is young and innovative yet provides a feeling of trust and reliability.

Using our unique strategy discovery process we helped Xfloat recognize their strongest attributes and advantages. Those were then combined with deep market research to create a visual identity based on the defined strategy. The brand look and feel was designed to position Xfloat as a solid choice in the floating solar market.

Shaping a new brand and establishing its position in a conservative, risk averse market, meant addressing varied client personas. We started with our strategic process to understand Xfloat’s competitive market. To establish strong brand awareness we defined Xfloat's innovative strengths and differentiation.

The logo design concept was inspired not only by the physical shape to resemble the product parts but also carries Xfloat’s main key attributes.

Xfloat’s 'x' is used as the symbol of a smart element consisting of five main keywords: precision, intelligence, elegance, simplicity, and power. The missing shape resembles the floating solar panel form.

The visual identity includes a color palette which combines the powerful brand message with a sense of calm that allows trust. Moreover, a clean and softly rounded typography was chosen to balance the sharp edges of the logo and brand identity.

A cutting-edge impression of clean intelligent innovation follows the visual identity. The experience of revealing a new identity is never the same. Visual identity is a natural outcome when the brand design is based on a solid brand strategy and DNA.