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We create a logical and engaging brand experience that connects machines with people in a holistic way

Company: Dataloop AI

What We Did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Information architecture
  • Website UX design
  • Web design
  • Conducting the Responsive design
  • Managing development process

The Background

Fact: deep learning takes computer vision to the next level and in most cases, is even better than human vision. Yet it’s still not widely adopted by organizations. Nowadays, at any given time where everything is visual, enormous amounts of data are captured. Some would even argue that since AI data preparation is such a cumbersome process, data is the number one barrier for adopting AI.

Looking Beyond Just Data

While developing an algorithm model is a relatively simple task nowadays, processing accumulated data is an extremely complex procedure. It imposes a big challenge for many companies. Most firms hire large teams of human "labelers" who actually process the data manually and interpret each image individually. Since this is an extremely time-consuming process that is both costly and inefficient, only a few large-scale organizations with high budgets can afford such a “labeling” process.

The Data & The Loop

Dataloop AI recognized this challenge and developed a solution that optimizes AI automation processes for companies and organizations looking to refine various aspects of their work processes. Datataloop’s service and platform connect to existing data sequences of organizations, through automation processes. The system initially performs an automatic identification, labeling, and mapping of the photographed data.

Our approach To Brand Experience

Brand experience design for us is not just a logo and a tagline. We believe it's a mix of organizational culture, voice and the target audience.

Dataloop was looking to rebrand and differentiate its AI machine-learning technology with a powerful digital identity. We kicked off this project with an extensive discovery process, in order to identify Dataloop’s core product values and their audiences’ requirements.

The Objective

Throughout the process, a constant question we had to answer was: how do you transform discovery insights into a full brand experience, from strategy to visual identity?

Our objective was to create a logical and engaging brand experience that connects machines with people in a holistic way. The intent was to strengthen Dataloop’s visual brand identity, as well as to create a clear design language that would differentiate them from their competitors, not to mention position Dataloop as an obvious industry leader.

The Design Process

“Weaving the human-in-the-loop”

With this tagline in mind, we initiated the design branding process. The intention was to create a complete yet simple experience, engaging technical design with an approachable human feel. The inspiration for this project was based on a dual concept we discovered while developing the product design process.

  • Created Signature Elements -

    With a focus on the logotype, arranged to work in harmony with the brand image and tagline. When approaching logo design, we closely observed the organization’s core values, culture, voice, and unique selling points.. We came up with a logo using a wide array of geometric shapes, rectangular lines, and carved circular patterns. The thought behind those shapes was “labeling features.” For example, a red box or a circle would outline any element the human has labeled.
  • Crafted a new visual language -

    With the dual concept in the spotlight, we decided on the formative rectangular shapes and saturated hues. The idea was to create a looping circular motion between half a rectangle and a divided circle, symbolizing the connection between humans and machines. We chose to amplify the letter “D” in the logo, representing the first initial of Dataloop’s name.
  • Designed a new website -

    With the vision of positioning the Dataloop brand as an AI industry trustworthy leader, the idea behind the visual style was to create an effective brand experience and in turn strengthening the brand equity.

The Result

A unique identity & visual style

The meaning behind Dataloop's name and core theme inspired us in the design process. Keeping Dataloop’s datasets in mind, we shaped a digital design framework that included: iconography, typography color palettes, illustrations and infographics.

We were able to:

  • Differentiate Dataloop from competitors
  • Position the Dataloop brand as an AI industry leader
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Strengthen brand positioning and equity
  • Improve customer experience

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