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Digital concept for IMC cannabis flavors

Company: IMC Cannabis

What we did:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding
  • Messaging Hierarchy
  • Website UX Design

IMC Cannabis

IMC, one of the most highly regarded Israeli medical cannabis companies works tirelessly to develop the knowledge, research and technology in the medical cannabis field in order to allow our patients to live a happy, fulfilling life.


To create visual identity that will emphasize the style, quality and concept behind the brand products.

Except of IMC logo and basic brand colors, we expanded the visual language and plan a brand story. At the end of the process, we implemented the outputs on a new website we designed for IMC.

Solution: defining & visualizing the company’s value propositions

To get started with the project, our team explored the key questions:

  • Can we improve and simplify the story?
  • How can we emphasize the quality of the brand products?
  • How can we create a more comprehensive digital presence?

After the initial research, we realized that each of IMC cannabis products has its own style, flavour and influence. So, we planned and designed a visual representation for each product, based on its unique characteristics.

Website UX Design

IMC’s herb products are different, that's why we designed each product with its own main color and unique shapes. The robust yet coherent visual system we’ve planned, allowed us to create a clean and concise flow for each herb product page.


With this project, we achieved even more than we planned for. We’ve not only helped IMC extend their new beautiful identity to the web, we also created an additional layer of the company’s visual language that define the brand products and which delivers a brand message of variety and quality. This ‘additional layer’ can be used outside the website too: for online and offline branding, marketing materials and even product design.

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